That Is What It Is All About

Stephen graduated from Boston University this past weekend. As he was getting his diploma I started thinking about his childhood. Some of the main memories I have sketched in my mind and heart are the ones associated with your RENEGADES organization. As you know when Stephen first tried out, he was not a very seasoned player. I remember that night as if it were yesterday; watching him out on the ice trying his hardest to make the team. When he was asked to join the Renegades his eyes lit up as if he had won something of importance. At the time, I did not realize that he truly did win something of great importance.

A few months back, I remember talking to him about when he was a little kid growing up. I asked him “what had the most impact on you outside of your family?”. At that point he hesitated and said “One of the things that shaped my life was playing for the Renegades”. I was actually not expecting him to say that, but now I do realize the impact it had on his life. He told me it changed him as a person for the rest of his life. It made him accept outside responsibilities and expectations. Every moment he spent, every time he was on the ice, every time he was on the bus rides to tournaments, it was changing his life.Now watching him as a Man, I do realize the impact all of you had on Stephen. He played competitive hockey on the Boston University Club Ice Hockey Team.

I do want you (Coach and Cliff) to know what great impact you had on my Son and family. You should be proud of the organization that you run. You should be proud of how you do shape children’s lives forever.

Janet and I can’t thank you enough for what has been instilled in him by both of you. It is hard to imagine a different Stephen, but without the Renegades he in his own words would not be the same person. Thanks for all of the great memories ! We certainly appreciated it and keep up the good work. It does truly pay off.

Steve & Janet Jordan

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