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Matt played 2 season with the Renegades and credits his time with us to his success! Click the image to see Matt's draft video.

Matt played 2 season with the Renegades and credits his time with us to his success!

Jared Abbott – Penn State University (ACHA)

Aaron Aihini – Stony Brook University (ACHA)

Austin Albrecht - Wichita Falls Wildcats (NAHL)  Sioux Falls Stampede / Muskegon L'jacks (USHL)   UMASS/AIC (NCAA DI)
"I was a top tier end player coming out go the Bantam AAA and the Renegades provided me with the training on and off the ice that was necessary for my development, and that pushed me in the right direction that led me up the USA Hockey ladder of development, I spent two quality seasons at the Renegades before going to the NAHL, then finished my Junior career in the USHL, and now I am a NCAA Division I player. Without the Renegades, I don't know if I would've been able to complete my dream of playing at the highest level of college hockey. I strongly suggest all players out there to look at the Renegades for the proper development for your hockey future."

Tyler Allen - Rutgers University (ACHA)

Greg Anash – Rutgers University (ACHA)

Roman Andrejev – Estonia National Team U20/Professional player in Sweden
"My time at the Renegades was arguably the most special and productive two years I had in hockey. The overall training I received helped me become the professional player that I became. What I saw them do for myself as well as my teammates was incredible. The time, effort and ultimate care for each and every player is just remarkable. My advice to kids out there looking is this: don't think you're too good-- het the training necessary to get you to the next level. It's not the league that gets you there or the letter of the team; it's the coaching staff, how they prepare you and your hard work. You bring the effort and they'll do the rest!"

Frankie Baccaro – William Paterson University (ACHA D1)

Ryan Bagley - Rutgers University (ACHA DI)

Alex Barr – Bridgeton Academy/Ajax Attack (OPJHL) → Curry (NCAA DIII) → Salve Regina (NCAA DIII)

Andrew Basin – Rutgers University (ACHA D1)

James Battaglia – West Virginia University (ACHA D1)

Matt Beattie – Phillips Exeter Academy  Yale (NCAA DI )  2012 NHL Vancouver Canucks Draft pick  → Yale 2013 (NCAA DI) National Champion   Professional player in France and Australia
"The Renegades changed my life. They changed my game and training habits from day one. I went from an average tier one youth player to MJHL Junior League Offensive Defenseman of the Year within one season. I then went off to prep school where I lead all of New England prep schools in scoring. I was fortunate enough to get drafted by the Vancouver Canucks as well as moving on to play NCAA Division I hockey at Yale where we won a National Championship in my freshman year. I could not have done this without the Renegades and all that I learned in my two years under them. I am forever grateful for my time there and how they helped me."

Nick Biciocchi – Scranton Knights (AJHL)

Alex Blaszak – Utica Jr Comets

Dan Bufis at NCAA DIII Nichols College

Dan Bufis – Rochester Ice Hawks (MJHL)  → Nichols College (NCAA DIII)
"The renegades are extremely professional, and are a top notch organization; all the way from ownership and coaching staff to the players. I played for the Renegades for about two season, and was I ever grateful for how they made me the best complete hockey player on and off the ice. They work hard for you towards advancing your hockey career; they got me multiple offers for top tier Junior A programs, got multiple call-ups to the AJHL, and most importantly my NCAA Division III commitment to Nichols College. The coaching staff is the best in the business, and extremely helpful in pushing you to the next level. I have been inducted into the first ever Hall of Fame for most points, goals, two All-Star appearances, top goal scorer in the league, and two NCAA conference championships-- all because I chose the path of the New Jersey Renegades, and I will be forever grateful on what the staff and organization has done for me on and off the ice."

Kevin Cafeo – College of Charleston University (ACHA)

Tom Caron – Team MD (EHL)

Jack Callahan – Fairbanks Ice Dogs (NAHL) → Quinnipiac (NCAA DI)  Wisconsin Eau Claire 2013 (NCAA DIII) National Champions
"Cliff Graziano is one of, if not the best, coach I have ever been taught by. Not only can he relate to every player, but he teaches them as well. Cliff was my coach for about five years and the were the most progressive I have ever had in hockey. Fundamentally, I was almost perfect from all the skating, or going to every one of his Turcotte Stickhandling camps in the summer, mastering every move until my hands had calluses on them. Not only was he my coach, he became a family friend, and he was my idol. I would try to master every move he did on the ice so I could look like that. Some coaches can teach, some can play, Cliff can do both and I owe tons of thanks and appreciation to Cliff and the Renegades organization."

Pat Carey – Indiana University of Pennsylvania (ACHA), Hershey Bears (AHL EBUG)

Kevin Carter – Towson University (ACHA)

Bobby Chayka– SUNY-Brockport (NCAA DIII)

Luke Ciocca - Rutgers University (ACHA DI)

Ed Conrads – William Paterson University (ACHA)

John Craig – William Paterson University (ACHA)

Austin Cross – Rutgers University (ACHA D1)

Stephen Dempsey – CT RoughRiders (EHL)

Matt Dietrich – Danville Dashers (FHL) → Rutgers Univ.  (ACHA DI)

Jake Dilger – Millersville University (ACHA)

Steve Drizis with the Federal Pro Hockey League Cape Cod Blue Fins

Steve Drizis – Cape Cod Blue Fins (FHL)  Danbury Whalers (FHL) William Paterson University (ACHA)
"From ownership down to coaching, the NJ Renegades exemplify what a top notch organization should strive to be. With the NJ Renegades, I not only improved my game and skillset, but also learned to be a team-first player and have a greater desire to win. Upon first joining the Renegades, I had taken a short break from hockey to reset. Cliff and his coaches welcomed me mid-season with open arms and helped me improve my game and mindset so that I could make an easy transition into college and professional hockey. I cannot thank Cliff and the NJ Renegades organization enough. I consider myself lucky to be a part of the Renegades family. If you want to be prepared for the next level in your career, the NJ Renegades should be your next stop."

Nick Emmons – Quinnipiac University (ACHA)

Nick Ferris – William Paterson University (ACHA)

Branson Fleming – New England Huskies (EJHL)

Alex Frankel – Rutgers University (ACHA DI)

Brian Frister - Rutgers University (ACHA DI)

Joe Geary – NY Applecore (EHL)

Justin Gelesky – Rutgers University (ACHA DI)

Mike Gennello – Framingham State University (NCAA DIII)

Brian Gibbons – Vermont Academy → Utica College (NCAA DIII)

Jake Gooch - West Virginia University (ACHA)

Noah Goozh – Team MD (EHL)

Bobby Gram – Team MD (EHL)

From Renegades to Team Maryland to Pro in France!

Nick Graziano - Team MD (EHL) / Evry-Viry (Pro France DII)  

"Coach Fusco and TM, as well as my whole overall experience in the EHL, has prepared me for this next step in my career and I cannot thank coach enough for the guidance and help he has given me," said Graziano. "I'm extremely excited about joining Coach Hynes and the Wilkes family in the fall."
Graziano is the prime example of a player progressing on his way up the ladder, after playing three seasons for his father with the Renegades, and now two years for Fusco with Maryland. Graziano is the 10th player in league history to choose the Colonels' hockey program.

Konstantin Grishenko – Estonia National Team U20 → Professional player in Estonia

Amit Grumet-Morris – Manitoulin Islanders (NOJHL)

Connor Harrington – County College of Morris (ACHA)

Spencer Harrington – Rider/Monmouth (ACHA)

Eyan Helm – Riviera University (NCAA D3)

Gustav Helm-Kurz – Team MD (EHL)

Eric Hildebrand at NCAA DIII Chatham University

Eric Hildebrand - Chatham University (NCAA DIII)
"My time in the Renegades was AWESOME! The dedication and the passion they have for every player is unmatched by anyone I have ever played for. The skill development along with the invaluable lessons I learned, especially from Coach Pete Rossi, will be with me forever. If you're looking to play college hockey and want the training to prepare you for that, then the Renegades program will get you there!"

Daniel Hodowanec - Arcadia University (NCAA DIII)

Alex Hoshino - Rutgers University (ACHA)

Pat Jaeger – Blind River Beavers (NOJHL) → Stony Brook (ACHA)

Greg Japchen -  Union College (NCAA DI)

Mason Jenne - Rutgers University (ACHA DI)

Rob Jennings – Vermont Academy

Steve Jordan at Boston University

Steve Jordan – Boston University (ACHA)
"I am incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to play for the Renegades, a high-caliber organization which prides itself on developing and improving its players, both on and off the ice, My family and I were welcomed into the Renegades family with open arms, and my time with the organization had an extremely positive impact on my development and growth as a young man.
Coach Cliff took a chance on me when I first started playing ice hockey, and Cliff and the coaching staff helped me to develop my skill set and knowledge of the game. Cliff was the best coach I have ever played for, and I am fortunate to call him a mentor and a friend.
The Renegades prepared me well to play four years at Boston University. When I was named co-captain my Junior year, I emulated the same integrity, leadership, and confidence that I had learned from Coach Cliff and the Renegades.
I highly recommend the Renegades to all players and families, and I am thankful for the amazing years I spent (and continue to spend) with such a high-quality organization."

MacGregor Kennedy – Towson University (ACHA)

Eric Kenney – University of Maryland Baltimore County (ACHA)

Brandon Kirchens – Chicago Hitmen 

Brian Kologlu – Miami, OH University (ACHA)

Alex Kong – Villanova University (ACHA)

Joe Kontrath playing with the Renegades

Joe Kontrath - Rutgers University (ACHA DI)
"I played for the Renegades for three seasons and over that time, I developed immensely as a player and a person both on and off the ice. This organization taught me what being a part of a team truly meant and, for that I am forever grateful. Cliff Graziano runs an excellent organization that has a passion and focus on preparing and developing players so they are ready to advance to the next level of their game. Despite not being able to play college hockey due to injury, I will always cherish the valuable lessons and memories made possible by Coach Pete Rossi and Cliff Graziano. For any player looking to excel in their career, the NJ Renegades is the organization for you. Join the Renegades family!"

Brandon Kwestel - Ohio State University (ACHA DI)
"My time at the Renegades helped me to get acquainted with the next level of hockey. Playing Juniors at a younger age helped my stamina and strength by playing longer periods, a more complete game, and against older, stronger, and more physical players. Without the Renegades, making the step to play college hockey would have been much more of a struggle."

Nick Lioudakis - Rutgers University (ACHA DI)

Sean Lippincott - Rutgers University (ACHA DI)

Nick LoPresti - Rutgers University (ACHA DI)

Jordan Lorah at West Chester University

Jordan Lorah - West Chester University (ACHA)
"Playing for the Renegades was more than just hockey to me. It opened my eyes to hockey in an entirely new way, and helped me become a better player on and off the ice. In addition, the Renegades helped me prepare for my future both as a hockey player and as a person. The Renegades always made me feel like family, and I cherish the time spent with all my coaches and teammates I've met along the way. I still enjoy keeping tabs on the current Renegades team and love to see the players move on to higher levels of hockey and success."

Adam Marvin – William Paterson University (ACHA D1)

Lou Malvasi – Walpole Express (AJHL) Utica College (NCAA DIII)

Austin Mininger - Rutgers University (ACHA DI)
“Too many players rush the process of playing junior hockey and getting recruited to big schools that they forget about fundamentals and learning. At the renegades the coaching staff and ownership was committed to teaching you the little details that make you a successful hockey player and more importantly a successful person. The program helps you prepare for those next steps so that you can make an immediate impact wherever you go next, which is important because you don’t want to start out at a high level but be a mediocre player. You want confidence going into any situation presented to you and at the renegades you will harness the skills necessary to obtain that confidence and be the best player you can be. Whether your goal is Tier 2 or Tier 1 junior hockey, ACHA, NCAA D3 or D1 joining the renegades will help you achieve that goal. I enjoyed my time at the renegades thoroughly, and thank Cliff and his coaching staff for everything they did for me personally as well as my teammates.”

James Mattson – Louisville University (ACHA)

Nick Monticchio - Rutgers University (ACHA DII)

Nick Morelli - Rochester Institute of Technology (ACHA)

Christian Nawrocki - MCLA (NCAA DIII)

Zach Necci – William Paterson University (ACHA)

Matt Owens - Rutgers University (ACHA DI)

Ryan Ozimanic – Rutgers University (ACHA D1)

Eddie Parfitt - Rutgers University (ACHA DI)

Don Pelligrino at Villanova University

Don Pelligrino – Villanova University (ACHA)
"The Renegades helped propel my hockey career to the next level. The coaching staff takes the time to connect with each player individually and helps them work on all aspects of their game. After playing for Cliff, I was able to see the game from a different angle, which translated to improvements both on and off the ice. I was fortunate to join the Renegades at a younger age during the developmental years of my career, and the lessons and skills I learned helped me become a leader. The Renegades are the best organization I have been a part of and am thankful for my time spent with them."

Nick Pedulla – Rider University (ACHA)

Rob Pellegrino – Rutgers University (ACHA DI)

Alex Peters – Rutgers University (ACHA D1)

Michael Posma - Air Force (NCAA DI)

Justin Rauch – Rider University (ACHA)

Chris Rossi - Lebanon Valley College (NCAA DIII)

Hunter Rule - Rutgers University (ACHA DI)

Tyler Rule - Rutgers University (ACHA DI)

Tim Schaffer – DeSales University (ACHA)

Scott Schnell - Rutgers University (ACHA DI)

Mark Schwanda – Ithaca College (ACHA)

Michael Semenza – Duquesne University (ACHA)

Primo Self - Miami University of Ohio (NCAA DI)

Jamie Shuttner - West Virginia University (ACHA)

Dylan Strober – Phillips Exeter Academy

Jay Sogliuzzo – William and Mary College (ACHA)

Dean Tobin – Fairfield University (ACHA)

Chris Tommins – William Paterson University (ACHA)

Cam Toussaint – Seton Hall University (ACHA)

Nick Turcotte – Chicago Hitmen (NA3HL)

Teddy Udelsman – Rutgers University (ACHA DI)

Jack Ventolo at Drexel University

Jack Ventolo - Drexel University (ACHA)
"I started playing hockey with the Renegades when I was about 5 years old. They helped me develop skills on and off the ice, and helped me get to the next level of competition. I had such great experiences and memories over the years. I wish I could do it all over again!"

Brian Weiniger – Phillips Exeter Academy

Max Werfel – Team MD (EHL)

Ryan Widmar – Green Mountain Glades (EJHL)

Cody Williams – Becker College (NCAA DIII)  UNLV (ACHA DI) → Professional player in France
"I came to the Renegades program for my last year of Junior eligibility and could not be more happy with my decision. After bouncing around different cities and playing for different teams, it was clear I wanted to finish my Junior career with the Renegades. The staff went above and beyond in order to push me to play to the best of my ability and also helped me continue to play hockey after the season. Coach Ceransky would contact colleges, go over film, and even helped me put together a highlight video of the season. I will be forever grateful for the time and effort the Renegades staff and organization put into helping me grow on and off the ice."

Wei Wu - Virginia Tech (ACHA)

John Yanchek – Hotchkiss/Middlebury College (NCAA DIII)

Greg Zambon – Florida Atlantic University (ACHA)

Sam Zaritsky – CT RoughRiders (EHL)

Ryan Zujkowski - West Virginia University (ACHA)
"During my two years with the NJ Renegades and under the coaching of Pete Rossi and GM Cliff Graziano, they instilled in me from the very beginning the work ethic needed to get to the next level, pushing you every practice to become better and better. Off the ice and on the ice they'll push you to become a better player and a better person that other coaches will enjoy being able to coach you going onto the next step, wherever that may be. Every practice, I was challenged to do better than the last. The coaching staff really made an effort to make sure you became a better player from the start of the season 'til the very last game. They taught me what it means to be a part of a family, the Renegades family, and once you're part of the Renegades family, you never will let it go and what they did to get you to the next level."


Any Renegades alumni players- if you were left off the list I apologize.  Please contact me with your name - where you went on to play after us and at what level.

Former Renegade player Jake Stria passed away on Feb. 19th in a car accident. Please help their family if you can on their gofundme page. Gone way too soon. 

Jake was a Great kid who was always a pleasure to be around on and off the ice.  He will be missed dearly!