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Professional Players

JoakiM Ryan- NHL (San Jose Sharks, LA KIngs, Carolina Hurricanes)

"Renegades Coach Cliff Graziano taught me early on that the fundamental skill set would carry me throughout the rest of my career which lead me on to the top level of Junior hockey in the USHL, then on to playing NCAA Division I hockey at Cornell University. I now am fulfilling my dream of playing in the NHL. What Coach Graziano provided me is what he provides for all of his players in the Renegades program, and it's invaluable to any player looking to develop the skill set to take on the next level."


Jim dowd- NHL nj Devils

"I've known Cliff Graziano and his Renegades program for a long time; they're extremely dedicated to the player's current and future success. His Junior program does the necessary things from constant video analysis, proper off-ice training and nutrition, to individual skills and team development. I recommend the player out there looking to seriously play college hockey at all levels to give this program serious consideration."

Click on the image of Matt Beattie to watch his draft interview with the Canucks.

Matt Beattie- NHL Vancouver Canucks Draft Pick

"The Renegades changed my life. They changed my game and training habits from day one. I went from an average tier one youth player to MJHL Junior League Offensive Defenseman of the Year within one season. I then went off to prep school where I lead all of New England prep schools in scoring. I was fortunate enough to get drafted by the Vancouver Canucks as well as moving on to play NCAA Division I hockey at Yale where we won a National Championship in my freshman year. I could not have done this without the Renegades and all that I learned in my two years under them. I am forever grateful for my time there and how they helped me."

Click on the image to see Broc's highlight reel.

Broc little- USA Olympian

"I met Renegades coach, Cliff Graziano, when I was a young player. The techniques I was taught by him were a big reason I developed the skills necessary to play Division I hockey at Yale, and be lucky enough to play on the 2018 Men's Olympic Team. He made training fun, and was dedicated to getting the best out of his players. He's a big reason I kept coming back. Any player looking to get top notch training, look no further than Coach Graz!"

Roman Andrejev- Estonia National Team U20 & Professional player in Sweden

"My time at the Renegades was arguably the most special and productive two years I had in hockey. The overall training I received helped me become the professional player that I became. What I saw them do for myself as well as my teammates was incredible. The time, effort and ultimate care for each and every player is just remarkable. My advice to kids out there looking is this: don't think you're too good-- het the training necessary to get you to the next level. It's not the league that gets you there or the letter of the team; it's the coaching staff, how they prepare you and your hard work. You bring the effort and they'll do the rest!"

Click on the image to see a radio interview from Steve Drizis and hear his experience on getting ready to play in the FHL.

Steve drizis- Cape cod blue fins (fhl)

"From ownership down to coaching, the NJ Renegades exemplify what a top notch organization should strive to be. With the NJ Renegades, I not only improved my game and skillset, but also learned to be a team-first player and have a greater desire to win. Upon first joining the Renegades, I had taken a short break from hockey to reset. Cliff and his coaches welcomed me mid-season with open arms and helped me improve my game and mindset so that I could make an easy transition into college and professional hockey. I cannot thank Cliff and the NJ Renegades organization enough. I consider myself lucky to be a part of the Renegades family. If you want to be prepared for the next level in your career, the NJ Renegades should be your next stop."