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Current Players

James Mattson- Forward, 2002 Birth year, NJR Junior Team

"After playing short season for my third year in a row, I looked for a higher level of play. When I found the Renegades, the difference was night and day! The players are faster, smarter, and more physical than any tier two player. The coaching is 1,000 times better than any other youth team, and players are constantly competing for a spot in the lineup. In only a month, my game improved tenfold, and I am looking forward to improving my game in order to help this team."

Nick Emmons- Forward, 2002 Birth year, nj Renegades Junior Team

"I originally decided to play 18UAA short season as a 16U age player. When my short season came to an end, I tried out for the Renegades Junior team. I couldn't believe the difference! The level of play was so much higher, the players were faster, strong, and more dedicated, The on-ice training, off-ice training, the video and education I'm getting is better than anything I've ever gotten. I look forward to progressing under the Renegades Junior team and it's coaching staff, and thank them for allowing me to be a part of their program!"

Dylan idland- forward, 2002 Birth year, nj Renegades junior team

"I have been playing tier two for all of my life, but when a teammate of mine decided to play for the Renegades Junior team, he told me how much fun it was and that the hockey was way better. Then I decided to try it out for myself. I was amazed. The level of play was much higher and more physical. The coaching staff is also much better, and from only a couple practices and games, I can tell my game is already starting to improve a lot. I look forward to furthering my game under the coaching staff of the Renegades Junior team, and thank them for giving me the chance to play here."