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Notable Programs

Turcotte StickHandling Hockey School

"The NJ Renegades Hockey Club teaches individual hockey skills that produce quality players. The Renegades give tremendous attention to proper skating, stickhandling, passing and shooting techniques. Cliff Graziano has been one of our finest Head Instructors for over 12 years. Cliff has now taken his knowledge of the techniques we use and his superior teaching skills to the NJ Renegades Hockey Club. 

These same techniques and teaching skills have produced NHL players such as Mike Modano and Pat LaFontaine. If you desire to become a superior hockey player, then the NJ Renegades Hockey Club is the club for you!" - Real Turcotte, Owner of Turcotte Stickhandling Hockey School

Robby Glantz Power Skating

"The NJ Renegades are known for having a unique approach to teaching proper skill development to their players and teams. Our organizations have teamed up in the past and will again in the future to provide excellent instruction in hockey techniques. The Renegades provide a quality program and atmosphere that we are happy to endorse!" - Robby Glantz, President of Robby Glantz Power Skating

Pro ambitions hockey

"Pro Ambitions and the New Jersey Renegades share many of the same hockey developmental philosophies that have made both programs highly successful. Teaching skills foremost builds better players and makes the NJ Renegades one of the best choices for travel hockey in New Jersey. I strongly suggest your hockey player to become a Renegade!" - Jeff Serowik, Owner of Pro Ambitions Hockey, Inc.